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Living with an autoimmune condition can get in the way of reaching your fitness goals. If you have spent hours in the gym and following those restrictive diets, you know first hand how discouraging, frustrating and at times debilitating it can be. My online program is designed to help you navigate those challenges by managing your symptoms, knowing what works best with your body so you can start achieving those health and wellness goals you've been wanting. You'll receive the support and tools you need to achieve those attainable and sustainable longterm results. 

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It starts with a decision!

You put a lot of energy into your home, education and career because you want to excel. You make sacrifices for those who you love. Yet, you have those moments where you feel frustrated, anxious and even a little bit defeated because you feel like you aren't doing enough to take care of YOU!


It's time for a change!

You have googled your way trying to find what works best and you get 10,000 different answers. Not to mention quick solutions and diets that leave you confused or disappointed because of the lack of results. As someone who lives with an autoimmune disease myself, I too had to make changes in my approach specific to my condition to better health. There was no doubt that if I was facing these challenges, so were you. I help women over 35 yo who struggle with weight loss due to Autoimmune Disease or other ailments. My approach is to help them get stronger and feel more confident by giving them short, effective workouts along with simple nutrition and coaching strategies that fit into their busy schedules. 

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Healthy Food


Nutrition, but different!

As your coach, you will receive the support and guidance through a 12-week program that includes a habit-based approached to nutrition, a tailored fitness plan and behavior change coaching through my online program. There is no calorie counting, no macronutrient counting, no measuring or weighing food. No new, complex method of teaching you how to starve. 

Through my online program and tools, we are going to unlearn the confusing "rules" that have kept you in a strict-binge, yo-yo cycle of dieting. Then we are going to re-learn how to combine simple habits with your natural body signals to free you from food or exercise fear. A program tailored to your bio-individual needs.


Exercise that's actually for women

Absolutely no beating or stressing your body with workouts based on research from studying the "celebrity trainers". Definitely no 1 to 1.5 hour training sessions to compromise your hormonal profile and drive your appetite sky high. We are going to initially work with the minimum effective dose of exercise tailored to your needs. But most importantly, we honor your CHOICE. Want to build muscle? Let's go. Want to lose weight? Absolutely fine. I'm here to support YOUR goals! 

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Through my own trial and error

In my own fitness journey I had to really take into account of what the fitness industry was promising as a whole, I knew there had to be a better way. 

I was always into Heavy Weight Training and the body building scene, but when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, that mentality shifted and the mission has been to fight this with a lifestyle change and now my goal is to help you improve your relationship with food and exercise. In turn this will allow you to take your life back and get the body stronger, also shed unwanted body fat that is connected with inflammation within the body. This will be done without worrying about supplements or restrictive and extreme diets. 


The key to the body, health, and fitness levels you want are not an impossible task. You are worthy of the results you desire, you just haven’t found the approach that has worked for you yet.


Find out exactly how I can help you by setting up your free consultation appointment, check out my testimonials, there you will see my variety of different clients, or if you are ready to learn more,  sign up for our 10 Day Habit adjusting method.

Either way, I’m happy that you’re here!


The 12-Week Transformation Program Includes

The support you need to finally achieve your goals as you navigate the challenges

of living with an autoimmune condition


Designed to combat fatigue and brain fog. Promote hormone balance, gentle workouts to minimize pain, increase mobility, and endurance. Maintain muscle strength and flexibility without the exhaustion. 


Easy to follow personalized nutrition advice sent directly to your app and members area to help you set new nutrition attainable habits to support your weight loss goals and manage your symptoms for long term results.


Weekly check-in's with your coach and in-app messaging centre to check in your progress and assist you with any

setbacks you may face to help you stay on track!


Receive regular support from your coach to assist you in your goals and encourage you even when you face those roadblocks that can hold you back from making progress.


Track your daily and weekly progress through detail assessments, a flexible food diary and progress photos built directly into your members profile to monitor your goals.


Quick, smooth and easy access to your program and coach even on the go! It integrates your favorite apps such as MyFitness Pal, FitBit and MyZone for an

all-in-one experience.


A private online community for added support to connect with other women who are facing similar autoimmune challenges and to connect with your coach.


Additional coaching and guidance in forms of videos and education for ongoing and long term success.

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Online Coaching 

We will begin with a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and instant access to create your personal online account. 


*This option is for three consecutive monthly payments


Practicing Yoga at Home


Premium Online Coaching

We will begin with a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and instant access to create your personal online account. 


*Payment must be made in full


  • Is this customized to me? 

Yes, every coaching client receives custom programs based 100% tailored to what they need. 

  • What equipment do I need? 

You will get the most out of coaching if you have access to a commercial gym or well equipped home gym however using your body weight will work just as fine. We create a program based on what you have available to you with options and recommendations of what equipment to purchase that can help facilitate results . 

  • My work schedule is crazy busy, will you accommodate for that? 

I create everything to make your life easier- training schedule included to have at your convenience


  • Will you tell me what to eat? 

While it may be easiest to start with a food list and meal template, we work together to create long lasting habits. You will receive a list of grocery ideas, nutrition guide, supplement information, holistic guidance and a welcome package to give you as much education as possible. 

  • How long is the coaching program? 

To get any results, there must be a commitment. The minimum term for coaching is 12 weeks , but I may recommend longer depending on your goals

Have more questions about the program? I'm happy to assist. Send an email here or give us a call to get in touch!

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