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I had sustained three injuries to the same leg in a little less than a decade and had chronic muscle imbalances. It was causing problems all over but after coming to Nate for an evaluation, I was convinced I needed help when he said I wasn't able to do a proper squat. How embarrassing! I'm in my early 30s and have the body of a 70-year-old and feel like it! My goal when starting was to just return to normal daily functioning. My greatest achievement has included being able to walk down steps without doing the side-shuffle. The second stage of achievements started when I realized I was thinking a lot less about daily movements. At that point, I was doing daily activities with ease I hadn't felt since I was a teenager. From that point, my focus shifted from rehabbing my body to building muscle for overall health. Those first few months felt like excruciatingly slow progress.

But perhaps not as excruciating as the foam rolling! 


The biggest struggle for me was always motivation. It still is. A year and a half later, I feel like I'm one step above baseline fitness. But I'm making the choice to grow fit slowly to prevent injury. What I have to keep reminding myself is that it took a decade and a half for my body to get this out of whack, it's only taken me a year and a half to get it into this great of shape. Just keep showing up. You're in the hands of an amazing, knowledgeable coach who really cares about all of his clients. If he wanted, he'd be working exclusively with people who can hire full-time trainers but he chose to work with normal every day you because he wants people to be happy and healthy. Just show up. Be willing to do the work. Admit when it hurts or you don't think it's wise. Be willing to stretch yourself and realize you have someone who's got your back. Favorite thing about my workouts is when they're done! I've never really loved weight training. But the workouts are broken down and varied enough that it's never dull. 


Having had so much physical therapy and still feeling somewhat physically limited, I look forward to the day when I can exercise for fun and not really have to wonder "will I be in pain tomorrow"? I think when I get to the point where I can motivate myself to exercise and do the maintenance work on my own, I'll be really happy. He treats his clients like family. He's there because he cares and because he expects to get you to a place where you're healthy. And he doesn't quit until that happens. I recommend Solely Natural because I think that the focus is on a well-balanced exercise routine with nutritional guidance that will get you far healthier than anything you piece together on your own. Having been injured so many times, I'm really protective of my physical well-being. There are very few people I would trust to help me train my body.

- Brittany, Chapel Hill, NC


I was out of shape and not making time to exercise. Weight loss, fat loss, flexibility were some of my starting goals and biggest struggles.  Greatest achievement has been prioritizing my fitness and health. Listen to Nathan. He knows how to motivate and get results. He can tailor any regimen specific to your needs. Seeing results has got to be my favorite thing about my workouts. He is always professional and easy to work with. He is willing to go the extra mile. He motivates you whether it’s a 5 AM or 7 PM workout. He gets the most out of your time. He listens to what your goals are and does what he can to get you there whether is a tailored workout or advice on nutrition and supplements and is flexible to your needs. Highly recommended!

- Dr. Patel, UNC Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC


My husband was working with Nate and gave me glowing reports, so I decided to finally do something about my lack of upper body strength. I've kept relatively fit by daily walking and gardening but that was not enough now that I'm in my 70s. Gaining upper body strength was my original goal, but I quickly learned that I needed to work on overall strength and balance as well. I have come a long way in the last 18 months in all those areas! Core strength has always been my biggest struggle, but I continue to improve, even though it seems slow at times. I would not have persisted without Nate's help! Quit procrastinating and get started! I wish I would have done this 10 years ago, but it's never too late. Chatting with Nate and seeing the results are the favorite thing about my workout days although the workouts are hard! Nate is easy going and empathetic. However, he knows exactly what I need to work on and manages to motivate me to do things I wouldn't do on my own. I would definitely recommend Solely Natural! In addition to Nate's expertise and manner, I like the privacy of his studio. Talk to Nate about food (he's a master chef), sports, and just about anything else.

- Carolyn, Chapel Hill, NC


My story may be a little unusual for someone who seeks out a personal trainer. In 1998, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) which is a progressive disease. My personal goal when I started with Nathan in regards to my physical health, quickly went from trying to achieve greater strength to trying to maintain muscle strength as best I could due to the nature of the disease I am dealing with. Nathan developed a series of exercises for me that maintained strength in all major muscle groups while trying to gain strength where I could. This too was my greatest struggle. I have been working out with Nathan for over 3 years, and am extremely satisfied with my progress.  I am pleased to see that there are areas where I have improved, such as in my arms. Listen to Nathan! And workout in between sessions at home when possible. I look forward to my workouts because my exercises are tailored to my specific needs. He developed an exercise program that works best for me as an individual. I recommend Solely Natural. 

- Pam, Chapel Hill, NC


Knee replacements and age was my motivating factor to start working with a Personal Trainer. Better balance and to strengthen all areas were some of my goals. Although knee pain and very weak muscles around the knees were my biggest struggles, working towards my goals allowed me to achieve complete recovery from both knee replacements to the extent that I can hike difficult trails in National Parks. If you are considering working with a Personal Trainer, I say go train as often as you can and have faith in your trainer! Working out makes me feel better afterward. Nathan is very conscientious and very attentive to you as a person. He takes the time to research anything that a client identifies as a problem so that he fully understands how to best help the client. He is very flexible and clearly has the client's best interests in mind. It has helped me deal with the natural problems of aging and has given me a future different from sitting in a chair for the rest of my life! Nathan is the best!!

- Walter, Chapel Hill, NC


Recovering from a long illness is what motivated me to start and I needed to follow physical therapy with continued exercise. Regaining lost muscle mass and tone, and gaining stamina were some of my goals when I began working with Nathan. Although balance and stamina were my biggest struggles,  physical recovery has been my greatest achievements. My advice to a new client would be to get into a workout routine and stick with it. My favorite thing about my workouts is the exercise challenge and feeling when complete.  What I like about working with Nathan as my Personal Trainer is his easy-going nature and knowledge of body/muscle function. Solely Natural provides personalized workouts tailored to your specific needs from a professional who cares about his clients and their health. Nathan is awesome.

- Jack, Chapel Hill, NC


I began personal training sessions when I'd moved to the area for a new job. My wedding was coming up, and I wanted to be in shape for it.  I wanted to improve muscle tone and cardiovascular health. I feel stronger and more comfortable with my fitness level. I don't fear physical activity as I did before I started personal training sessions. I detest cardiovascular workouts and sweating, and it's hard to get in shape without those two things! Nathan manages to weave these things in incrementally so that I do not find them daunting. I would tell a new client to set long-term goals, but then break them down into short-term steps. For example, I always focus on the next big outdoor trip I will take, and how I want to be in shape for whatever crazy activity I am undertaking. Nathan is always able to help me achieve that short-term goal, and in the process, I gradually get more and more in shape over the long-term. I love Nathan's kind, non-judgmental, and positive presence. There are many days I would not make it to a workout, except that I know his optimism and focus await me! Nathan is professional yet friendly, demanding yet understanding, and knowledgeable yet approachable. I always like to joke that I am able to entirely "outsource" my well-being to him! Solely Natural provides incredible service, in-depth fitness and nutrition knowledge, and all of this delivered in a beautiful environment.

- Brigitte, Chapel Hill, NC


I’m so happy I was told about Solely Natural. Nathan is fantastic. He is so knowledgeable in so many ways and really helped me transform the way I think about food. Eating healthy can now be delicious through his custom recipes and easy because he makes the grocery list for you so there is no guesswork. I also had personal training sessions with him and again I just learned so many things that I can do on my own. Most importantly Nathan was so supportive and helped me every step of the way. He loves what he does and that shines through every day because he is the best at it.

- Trista, Paramus, NJ


I’ve had a few trainers in the past years and Nathan is by far the best. He knows exactly what he’s doing and is very informative. He is just as focused on me losing my weight and being healthy as much as I am. Nathan is positive and pushes me when I need to be. I would not use any other trainer but him. I’ve seen more progress in a shorter span of time than I ever have. I’m a happy client!

- Danielle, NJ


I have to say that the cooking class was a great experience. My family enjoyed it very much, the recipes are very simple and practical easy to do. I love the teacher and his assistant both are very caring and kind. I highly recommend it, it will change your routine

- Clarissa, House Wife, Teaneck, NJ


Solely Natural’s cooking class was not the first culinary class I had ever taken. However, the information covered in the class was very comprehensive and practical for daily use. In the weeks following the class, I’ve been able to apply the principles that Nathan laid out regarding knife skills and the building of flavors through layers in dishes that I cooked before the course. Because of the relaxed atmosphere and the use of ingredients that we each bought to fit our family’s needs, the class has given me a better understanding of the art and science of cooking plus a few party dishes to impress guests.

- Kathleen, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY

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